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The UNESCO Chair, held by Professor Alan Smith, is located in the School of Education on the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster. Established formally in 1999, the Chair has a core programme of work in Education for Pluralism, Human Rights and Democracy.

Following on from the work of the Chair, the UNESCO Centre was established in 2001, engaging in research, development and teaching.


Education for Pluralism Human Rights and Democracy

UNESCO Centre Latest Annual Report

Foreword From Our UNESCO Chair

Over the past decade we have grown into a dedicated research centre within the University of Ulster focusing on issues relating to children, young people and education, both in Northern Ireland and around the world. Our work has helped to define debates around important international development issues, and to refine the thinking of those tasked with delivering just and workable solutions.

On our website you will find our research outputs, news and views. We hope that you find our work informative and useful.


Professor Alan Smith

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